About Us

Parque das Nações

We are a Condominium Management company that manages in an integrated manner
real estate and associated services.

Our culture and way of acting in heritage administration and management is structured in three fundamental components: Technical, Economic and Functional.

The technical component that encompasses the processes related to the performance of the building, its elements or components.

The Economic component integrates the accounting and financial processes arising from charges for the building, its equipment and common spaces.

The functional component assumes the issues arising from the use of the building in a given context, namely housing, commercial or mixed.

With the integration of these three components, we give the guarantee and we can transmit with peace of mind, the care we reveal to take and the importance we attach to the conservation and enhancement of the property entrusted to us.

Our attitude is proactive and anticipating problemsthrough an integrated maintenance system to avoid unforeseen expenses..

In this way we not only take care of the heritage under our administration but also value it.

We are forward-looking by digitizing our processes.

Our planning, organization, management and communication activity is installed on a digital platform that will make it possible to do everything at a click, except the operational activities that require the physical presence of our employees and customers.